Red Sea Max M30D Circulation Pump Upgrade Kit (R40344-EUR)

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A retrofit improvement for all Red Sea MAX® 130 and 130D aquarium systems.

A new single, high efficiency 1550lph (340gph) European manufactured pump will replace the dual 550lph (150gph) circulation pumps that have been supplied with MAX® 130 & 130D systems until now.

The complete circulation pump upgrade kit includes:

  • 340 gph high efficiency pump
  • “Eye ball” multidirectional water outlet
  • Hose barbs and tubing
  • Plug (for unused hole in the glass wall)
  • Installation and operation instructions

MAX 130/130D circulation pump Benefits:

In addition to increased performance, the pump is positioned lower in the filter chamber, making the system less sensitive to evaporation and preventing the injection of unwanted air bubbles, while also protecting the pump from over-heating.

  • Higher water flow
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced injection of air bubbles
  • Eliminate risk of overheating
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